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Applications and websites

Precisely meeting our clients` requirements. Connecting technical sophistication with beautiful design. Trouble-free and easy to maintain and modify.

How to create an application which will satisfy a client or a customer? A lot of companies claim to have formula for this success although the results of their work vary.

360flow has reliable means for this – seven-stage schedule which safely takes us from the conception stage, through execution, to complete technical support for a ready application or website.

Key element of every stage is sensitivity to the needs of our clients and customers. We do not create an aura of mystery about our work: we want our clients and customers to understand what and why we do for them. And above all - what benefits they will derive.

Apart from the operating procedures excluding faults and delays, we offer you:

  • an experienced team of specialists,
  • extensive knowledge of both IT industry standards and technical novelties,
  • extraordinary, as far as IT industry is concerned, interpersonal skills translating themselves into effective communication with clients and customers and… pleasant cooperation.

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360flow Sp. z o.o.
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71-006 Szczecin

e-mail: kontakt@360flow.pl
tel. +48 91 818 59 16,
kom. +48 788 917 419

You will find us in our office
from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.