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Internet software audit

Are you 100% sure that your IT systems work at full stretch? What if any failure limits their potential wasting your time and money? Let our auditors check it.

Implementation of Internet system is a costly and time-consuming process. This is why the clients want to be sure that the product they paid through the nose for will meet their requirements.

Admittedly, the user may subjectively say that the system works "fast" or "slow" or that it "freezes" but without professional knowledge one cannot decide:

  • if system code is clear and economical,
  • if it ensures data safety,
  • if it is fully scalable,
  • if it has a complete technical documentation.

A team of IT auditors from 360flow – experienced IT specialists, will perform a thorough analysis of your system, providing you with a detailed report. This unique service may save you a lot of frustration and costs associated with a faulty system.

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